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Image Manipulation

A collection of various Image Manipulation assignments from this past quarter. I


Le Palais d’Antan

Architecture Final French Baroque Period


Ziggurat of Corvus

Ziggurat concept for architecture class. Study of Babylonian, Assyrian and Persian architecture. Original piece. I imagined that from above the ground plan would resemble the shape of a…


Sasha & Papa Bear

Poster Design Focus: Line, Shape, Value, Texture Medium: Digital Vector Painting 24″x36″ Subject: Sasha and Papa Bear Save the World, a made-up cartoon show based on a mix-mash…


Auvers-Sur-Oise Texture Study

Texture Study Focus: Show art as line study, a study of shapes & forms, a study of gradation of light to dark textures in a larger study. Medium: 12″x20″…


Raven Project

Graphic Imaging Focus: To portray an object Four ways, each becoming progressively more simplistic. Medium: (4) 5″x5″ Pencil, Ink; 13″x13″ finished Subject: Raven


Clever Girl

Contrast & Repetition Focus: Black and white design using figure/ground, positive/negative, solid void, strength and impact of concept. Medium: 13.5″x20″ Ink Subject: Velociraptor     Pre-Inked Contours  


Avengers Sub-Division

Repetition Sub Division Focus: Composition of balance and rhythm in an asymmetrical design by applying contrast of black and white paper as positive and negative space. Medium: 11″x15″ Paper…