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1st Quarter Miscellaneous

  Contour and Cross-Contour Practice Sketches #1   Texture Study   Perspective From 2 Eye Levels     Contour and Cross-Contour Practice Sketches #2   Contour and Cross-Contour…


Perspective Spiral Staircase

Perspective, Drawing Focus: 1-Pt, 2-Pt, 3-Pt, Value Medium: Pencil 11″x17″ Subject: Spiral Staircase


Sasha & Papa Bear

Poster Design Focus: Line, Shape, Value, Texture Medium: Digital Vector Painting 24″x36″ Subject: Sasha and Papa Bear Save the World, a made-up cartoon show based on a mix-mash…


3-Pt Perspective

Perspective, Drawing Focus: 3-Pt, Translucent, Transparent & Negative Shapes Medium: Color Pencil, Art Markers 10″x12″ Subject: City Plaza I wanted to continue my pyramid planet but limitations in…


Bay Fog Brawler

Still Life, Drawing Focus: Line, Value, Texture Medium: Pencil, Charcoal 18″x24″ Subject: KidRobot DUNNY Bay Fog Brawler, RARE Blue Variant blind box 3″ figure Value Reference – I set…


Auvers-Sur-Oise Texture Study

Texture Study Focus: Show art as line study, a study of shapes & forms, a study of gradation of light to dark textures in a larger study. Medium: 12″x20″…


2-Pt Perspective

Perspective, Drawing Focus: 2-Pt, Translucent Shapes Medium: Pencil 9″x15″ Subject: Distant Pyramid World I continued the theme from 1-Pt of the pyramid planet. I originally envisioned designing the ship’s…


Blown Away

Drawing Focus: Grid Drawing, Value Medium: Pencil 12″x12″ Subject: Guy in a Chair, Blown Away   Unshuffled to see how well everything lined up.


Custom Lightsabers

Prop Building Focus: Detailing and Tool Skills Medium: Metal, Plastic, Rubber Subject: Personal Lightsaber Concept


Raven Project

Graphic Imaging Focus: To portray an object Four ways, each becoming progressively more simplistic. Medium: (4) 5″x5″ Pencil, Ink; 13″x13″ finished Subject: Raven