Using materials I already had laying around I decided to make a portable lightbox. The only thing I picked up was an ACME Pegbar from the student store at school so I could use the lightbox for animation too.


I cut out a space for the pegbar from my 12×12″ framed box. I then build supports and inlaid two 10×12″ panes of glass.


I had a set of LED strips leftover from a previous project. I drilled holes and zig-zagged the strips, centering them under the glass.


Next, I connected them to my mobile Energizer power supply. I built a frame to hold the power supply and adapter in place.


Finally I laid a sheet of tracing paper between the two panes of glass to create a diffuse glow. I used paper so I can remove it as needed.


Lastly I cut the corners off the frame and sanded the edges round. Turned out really great.