A step by step guide showing the creation of Krom from beginning to end.

I started by forming an inner core of foil and applying a thin later of Super Sculpy clay. Important to make sure the eye sockets are deep enough.



Further shaping of the skull. Adding the brow and early large details like the bigger wrinkles. Adding a wedge spaced nose with nostrils and building up the chin. These will mostly be gone later but help visualize the end goal. Fill in the eye sockets with full round eyeballs and thin layers of clay to form eyelids. Build and place the mouth. It helps to make the mouth separate then resculpt after applying it.



Early ears. Too small. Making both ears on the table side by side ensures a better symmetry. Added plate and brackets. Used knife for straight edges and then tapped the plate into place with a carving tool to replicate hammer marks. I used orcish Uruk runes from Tolkien lore to carve Krom’s name into the metal plate.003


Finished sculpture.004


Carved out a place on top of the head where I’ll place hair strip that I already cut for size. I widen the hair spot to allow a slight increase during firing. ¬†Fired in the oven to solidify clay and then primed and ready for painting.005


Glued a strip of rabbit hair into the recess I carved earlier. Using epoxy putty I filled in the gaps around the hair. I smoothed out the edges of the epoxy with wet fingers.


I applied a base coat dark red with a sponge brush. I used a smaller brush to fill in all cracks and crevices. This base coat is what will show in the wrinkles as well as giving a more realistic look to the final skin tone. 007


Cleaning up details and making sure everything is coated. For the metal plate a black base coat will help give a weathered look later on. Get all cracks and crevices.008


Applying the base coat for the final skin tone. Applied a matte gray paint to the plate avoiding filling in details. Took a dry brush with very little silver paint and went back over the metal plate to add highlights.009


Added silver to the blind eye. Darker color around the outside with richer hues of red near the eyeball. With watered down acrylics I add sunspots and skin texture.010


With a very watered down light brown I brush coat the entire sculpture. This adds the appearance of dirt. I go back in with a tiny brush and add fine details to the sculpture.012



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