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Life Drawing Portfolio


Early Texture & Lighting

Introductory texture and lighting work. Scenes made in Maya. Reference image above. 2 Scenes – Before and After Cthulhu


Hickory the Obin Sculpture (Timelapse)

Hickory the Obin Clay Sculpture 9.5″ My second clay sculpture. I did a timelapse to capture the process. Real Time: 4 Hours Run Time: 2 Minutes Music: Trance…


Krom the Deathbreaker Sculpture (Step-by-Step)

A step by step guide showing the creation of Krom from beginning to end. I started by forming an inner core of foil and applying a thin later…


Darth Corvis Lightsabers 3D Render

I created a 3d Model of my Darth Corvis sabers that I built earlier this year. Here’s a comparison shot. Here’s a plain material version.


Work Posters III

Designs from work for the month of September.

23 deathstar

Star Wars AT-AT Walker

I built a complete model of an AT-AT Walker from Star Wars from scratch. THE PROCESS Had to start somewhere, so why not the foot? Original concept copyright…


Work Posters II

Designs from work for the month of August.


3D Living Room

My first major 3D assignment.