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Work Posters I

Designs from work for the month of July.


Image Manipulation

A collection of various Image Manipulation assignments from this past quarter. I


Mitosis Divide and Conquer

Mitosis Game Mechanic & Concept by Ryan Roos The following are my contributions and work on my team’s final project for Introduction to Game Design. Mitosis Teaser –…


Le Palais d’Antan

Architecture Final French Baroque Period


Name Animation

My final 2D Animation this quarter. We had to add out name to an animation in a creative way. Mine was met with a positive response from everyone…


Xenolion Cycle

Original Xenolion Concept Updated Xenolion run cycle.


Run Cycle Animations

The animated run cycle from this week with updated Wryst design. This is Salty. He has a beard. Music Credits Wryst Cycle – Rip & Tear Salty Cycle…


Walk Cycle Animations

The original Wryst sketch from ~1999. A character I made up in high school. The animated walk cycle from this week with updated Wryst design. Front walk cycle…


Batman vs Superman

New assignment for animation. The goal was to focus on a head turn and a smear pose.


Ziggurat of Corvus

Ziggurat concept for architecture class. Study of Babylonian, Assyrian and Persian architecture. Original piece. I imagined that from above the ground plan would resemble the shape of a…