Tag: Black and White


Bodoni Typeface

An animated analysis of the Bodoni typeface.


Le Palais d’Antan

Architecture Final French Baroque Period


Name Animation

My final 2D Animation this quarter. We had to add out name to an animation in a creative way. Mine was met with a positive response from everyone…


Photo Restoration

Photograph – Grandpa Hopkins, property of Alison King Restored an old photograph for Image Manipulation class.   Original photograph had lots of damage, dust and had yellowed with…


Auvers-Sur-Oise Texture Study

Texture Study Focus: Show art as line study, a study of shapes & forms, a study of gradation of light to dark textures in a larger study. Medium: 12″x20″…


Clever Girl

Contrast & Repetition Focus: Black and white design using figure/ground, positive/negative, solid void, strength and impact of concept. Medium: 13.5″x20″ Ink Subject: Velociraptor     Pre-Inked Contours  


Avengers Sub-Division

Repetition Sub Division Focus: Composition of balance and rhythm in an asymmetrical design by applying contrast of black and white paper as positive and negative space. Medium: 11″x15″ Paper…