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Eleanor ’67 Shelby GT500

For hard surface and organic modeling, I created this model of a 1967 Shelby GT500. I call her Eleanor. Below is a collection of WIP shots as well as a…


Lake House

Created in Maya. Mostly just experimenting.


3 Hour Speed Model & Texture

We were given just under 3 hours to fully model and texture a scene based on the reference image of the outhouse below.   I quickly assembled a…


Early Texture & Lighting

Introductory texture and lighting work. Scenes made in Maya. Reference image above. 2 Scenes – Before and After Cthulhu


Darth Corvis Lightsabers 3D Render

I created a 3d Model of my Darth Corvis sabers that I built earlier this year. Here’s a comparison shot. Here’s a plain material version.

23 deathstar

Star Wars AT-AT Walker

I built a complete model of an AT-AT Walker from Star Wars from scratch. THE PROCESS Had to start somewhere, so why not the foot? Original concept copyright…


3D Living Room

My first major 3D assignment.