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Life Drawing Portfolio


Name Animation

My final 2D Animation this quarter. We had to add out name to an animation in a creative way. Mine was met with a positive response from everyone…


Xenolion Cycle

Original Xenolion Concept Updated Xenolion run cycle.


Run Cycle Animations

The animated run cycle from this week with updated Wryst design. This is Salty. He has a beard. Music Credits Wryst Cycle – Rip & Tear Salty Cycle…


Walk Cycle Animations

The original Wryst sketch from ~1999. A character I made up in high school. The animated walk cycle from this week with updated Wryst design. Front walk cycle…


Batman vs Superman

New assignment for animation. The goal was to focus on a head turn and a smear pose.


Leapfrog Rocket Animation


3AM Animation

Assignment for 2D animation class. We had to animate a ball with a tail. I went a little overboard.


Perspective Spiral Staircase

Perspective, Drawing Focus: 1-Pt, 2-Pt, 3-Pt, Value Medium: Pencil 11″x17″ Subject: Spiral Staircase


3-Pt Perspective

Perspective, Drawing Focus: 3-Pt, Translucent, Transparent & Negative Shapes Medium: Color Pencil, Art Markers 10″x12″ Subject: City Plaza I wanted to continue my pyramid planet but limitations in…