Tag: Perspective


Ziggurat of Corvus

Ziggurat concept for architecture class. Study of Babylonian, Assyrian and Persian architecture. Original piece. I imagined that from above the ground plan would resemble the shape of a…


Perspective Spiral Staircase

Perspective, Drawing Focus: 1-Pt, 2-Pt, 3-Pt, Value Medium: Pencil 11″x17″ Subject: Spiral Staircase


3-Pt Perspective

Perspective, Drawing Focus: 3-Pt, Translucent, Transparent & Negative Shapes Medium: Color Pencil, Art Markers 10″x12″ Subject: City Plaza I wanted to continue my pyramid planet but limitations in…


2-Pt Perspective

Perspective, Drawing Focus: 2-Pt, Translucent Shapes Medium: Pencil 9″x15″ Subject: Distant Pyramid World I continued the theme from 1-Pt of the pyramid planet. I originally envisioned designing the ship’s…


1-Pt Perspective

Perspective, Drawing Focus: 1-Pt, Transparent Shape, Value Medium: Pencil 9″x15″ Subject: Distant Pyramid World