Tag: Vector


Sasha Brisbois

One year after her creation I revisited Sasha and updated her design.


Art Study – ARCHER

Detailed analysis and replication of the art style from the FX show Archer.


Raven Myth

A cultural study piece I made. Using art & historical references I created my own tribal art that tells the story of Raven.


Le Palais d’Antan

Architecture Final French Baroque Period


Ziggurat of Corvus

Ziggurat concept for architecture class. Study of Babylonian, Assyrian and Persian architecture. Original piece. I imagined that from above the ground plan would resemble the shape of a…


Sasha & Papa Bear

Poster Design Focus: Line, Shape, Value, Texture Medium: Digital Vector Painting 24″x36″ Subject: Sasha and Papa Bear Save the World, a made-up cartoon show based on a mix-mash…